Paul McGovern


Paul is the owner-operator of Vertie, a boutique cannabis store in downtown Toronto. Before starting Vertie in late-2018, Paul worked as an officer with the Toronto Police Service for 17 years, mostly as an emergency responder.

It was a tough decision to leave a job that he loved and wanted to do from a young age, but Paul also jumped at the opportunity to pursue another life-long dream of starting his own business. Unlike other opportunities, working with cannabis was the perfect fit, as it was something that Paul quietly loved and was helped by.

Like other Canadians, in the years before legalization, Paul came to understand what he believes is the truth about cannabis, which is that society had been lied-to and misled for nearly a century, mostly by special interest groups, and that it was wrong of government to have prohibited cannabis.

Post-legalization, Paul wants to do his part to help end the lingering stigma. Working together as an association of retailers, Paul looks forward to helping organize and play a role in shaping the future, especially as it relates to achieving improvements in public policy and laws concerning the regulation of cannabis.