Cameron Brown


Diverse is an understatement when describing Cameron Brown’s career journey. Yet, amidst the diversity lies a singular thread that ties it all together: an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit. Embarking on his professional voyage in the realm of real estate back in 2011, Cameron’s ability to pivot and master the intricacies of each industry he delves into remains a consistent hallmark of his journey.

While his foothold in the real estate domain remains steadfast, Cameron’s passion for the cannabis landscape has propelled him into uncharted territory. An integral force behind Toronto’s pioneering legal cannabis establishment, The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co. (The Hunny Pot), Cameron undertakes critical roles, steering operations and devising strategies that harmonize with corporate objectives. His strategic prowess has notably contributed to The Hunny Pot’s remarkable journey, with the brand expanding its presence to a staggering twenty six storefronts in slightly over four years.

Cameron’s career trajectory may appear as a mosaic of eclectic experiences, but a closer look unveils the guiding principles steering his journey: a resilient entrepreneurial ethos, a consultative approach that drives business decisions, and an unwavering startup mentality. The roots planted in real estate continue to flourish, evidenced by his successful ventures in pre-construction real estate, where he adeptly manages multifaceted challenges while orchestrating a symphony of stakeholders and timelines.

Cameron’s aspiration to be apart of the RCCO stems from his unique vantage point as a millennial entrepreneur at the helm of multiple flourishing enterprises and a fervent advocate for cannabis. His knack for company launches, unwavering client-centric approach, and a proven track record within the cannabis industry collectively underline his candidacy as an invaluable addition to the board, contributing a perspective that resonates with innovation, success, and a profound dedication to cannabis advocacy.