Advocating For A Prosperous Cannabis Industry in Ontario.

The RCCO undertakes the province’s most pressing policy issues and advocates for proactive, evidence-based solutions that will foster economic growth in the province and expand business opportunities for the independent cannabis industry. As a non-partisan business advocate, we provide a respected voice among government decision-makers – allowing us to represent the interests of independent retailers across Ontario.

Our work is based on the belief that a strong business community is the foundation for a prosperous Ontario Cannabis retail market.

Maintaining Stakeholder Engagement Throughout the Regulatory Process

The RCCO believes that stakeholder engagement is a crucial element of regulatory policy and decision-making at the government level.  As the unified voice for independent cannabis retailers across Ontario, we are dedicated to maintaining a strong presence at all three levels of government in order to ensure that retailers are being consulted prior to any proposed changes to cannabis laws and regulations.

Effecting Positive Change to the Rules & Regulations

As the retail cannabis industry evolves, so too must the laws that affect retailers and consumers evolve. The RCCO aims to serve as a positive advocate for this growth by promoting changes that encourage the elimination of red tape, the eradication of the illegal market, and the promotion of regulations that help make the industry safer and more prosperous.