Health Canada – Short Version

February 1, 2023

To: Health Canada

Re: Ingestible Cannabis Extracts/Edibles

We are writing you to express our serious concern with recent news that Health Canada is seeking to remove products such as lozenges, capsules, and chewable extracts that contain greater than 10mg of THC per package (the “Extracts”) from the licensed market.

The Cannabis Act set out to combat the unlicensed market. These Extracts are an important product for licensed retailers to move purchasing behaviour from the unlicensed market – which does not have restrictions on THC limits. The current demand for chewable extract products within the licensed market illustrates the consumer’s desire for this type of product.

We urge Health Canada to reconsider removing chewable Extracts from licensed retailers as these products are an important step in addressing the unlicensed market and providing legal consumers safe access to cannabis products.